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Ribera Experience: The most sensory medieval

Be captivated by Peñaranda de Duero, a medieval jewel that reached its maximum splendor in the 16th century and has preserved the charm of the Renaissance to this day.

Where the 3 cultures have coexisted and left their mark: Arab, Jewish and Christian.

Town: Peñaranda de Duero

We suggest you enjoy a memorable weekend touring this medieval treasure. We begin by getting to know its great heritage by taking a guided visit to the PALACIO DE AVELLANEDA, EXCOLEGIATA DE SANTA ANA, BODEGA SUBTERRÁNEA LA CÁRCEL AND CASTILLO DE PEÑARANDA DE DUERO, which may end by tasting the Ribera de Duero wine in a handcrafted glass that you can save as I remember.

After eating and tasting the specialties of the area, A cantaros, a ceramic craftswoman who specializes in creating with her hands, proposes a workshop of experiences with clay. Creativity, relaxation, harmony with the earth.

The sense of touch and the discovery of the ancient ways of life of the human being through the knowledge of the primitive ceramic techniques. You will know this art from the Iron Age, set in a reproduction of a house from this time, until today with the current tools in the workshop.

Once we have given free rein to our artistic side, we can visit an old 12th century Jewish Synagogue with an underground cellar. Tasting of two Ribera de Duero wines, going down to the winery and enjoying a themed dinner. They also offer you the possibility of spending the night there after having enjoyed dinner and their delicious broths.



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