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Las Merindades Experience – Ecological farm + Wellbeing

Find your balance, health and well-being in a relaxing stroll watching the goat grazing, meeting a master cheese maker.

Take care of yourself with a relaxing beauty treatment designed for you and dare with aeroyoga in Las Merindades.

Towns: Valle de Manzanedo + Villarcayo + Medina de Pomar

Get excited at the Santa Gadea ecological farm (Manzanedo Valley) strolling watching their goats graze. The master cheesemaker will teach you the process of making different cheeses, you can taste their products and take home a selection of our products.

Let yourself be pampered by the hands of Estética Ana (Villarcayo), taking care of you with one of its spectacular relaxing and beauty treatments.

Try the Aeroyoga (AeroMerindades)

A unique experience, dare to free yourself from your weight in the hammock, it will accompany you to gain tone and flexibility. Feel the sensation of suspension and weightlessness. Discover total calm by getting into the hammock.


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