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La Bureba Experience: Beekeeping and Alchemy

Beekeeper and alchemist for a day. Discover the unique sweetness of honey made by the tireless workers of La Bureba with the help of experts.

Marvel at the secrets of Alchemy and alembics.

Towns: Carcedo de Bureba and Poza de la sal 

Enjoy a day starting in Carcedo de Bureba becoming an authentic Beekeeper for a day, with your suit you can visit the apiaries and take out a honeycomb.

You will be captivated by tasting it with the best cheeses in the area.

Then Poza de la Sal awaits you to introduce you to its Salinas, with the famous Sal de Poza, its Castle and many more secrets such as:

Reino de Castilla distillery: uses of alembics for the extraction of alcohol or essential oils.



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