Tentación Jurásica

Jurassic Temptation

An exciting journey into the past to enjoy as a family. Immerse yourself in the Jurassic temptation of Salas de los Infantes.

Towns: Salas de los Infantes

An immersive and educational tour that will turn the visit into a true adventure, ideal to enjoy with the family. Discover unique dinosaurs in the world, such as the giants Demandasaurus darwini and Europatitan eastwoodi as well as other herbivorous dinosaurs such as Iguanodons, armored ones like Polacanthus and carnivores like Baryonyx.

Afterwards, the Rural Trade of Burgos will surprise you at Los Infantes Pastry Shop with a tasting of its delicious Jurassic artisan pastries, a truly irresistible temptation!



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