Its collection of fossils is one of the most important in Spain. Discover unique dinosaurs in the world such as the giants Demandasaurus darwini and Europatitan eastwoodi, as well as other herbivorous dinosaurs such as Iguanodons, armored ones like Polacanthus and carnivores like Baryonyx.

Dinosaur eggs are also a type of remains that are preserved in the Museum. Find out what animals like: crocodiles, lizards, turtles, flying reptiles, fish, etc. and plants such as: ferns, conifers or benetitales, coexisted with dinosaurs. Profusion of models and reconstructions and virtual reality stand.

Also, be sure to visit the “Tierra de Dinosaurios” route, sites with dinosaur footprints from the mountain region.


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Plaza Jesús Aparicio, 9, 09600 Salas de los Infantes, Burgos, España

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M-S: 10:30h to 14:10h and 17h to 20h S: 10:30h to 14:30h


Groups up to 20/25


45 minutes


General rate: 2,50€. Reduced Rate: 1,50€. Wednesday Free Entry and to children below 8 years old


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